Mobile Coupon Directory Builder

The Digital Coupon Directory Builder can be used to a collection of all your digital coupon marketing campaigns in one app. It’s the perfect for group discounts when you’re promoting multiple discounts marketing offers at once.

Our Digital  Coupon Directory Builder is dynamic, simple and easy to use in creating digital marketing coupon campaigns. It also saves you in advertisement cost, as you will only have to advertise only one Digital Coupon Directory instead consisting  of all your  various  coupon deals rather than advertising the coupon deals individually.

Payment Integrations

The directory builder makes setting up of  payment integrations or payment gateways like Stripe, PaPal, Authorize.Net, Apple Pay, Google Pay a walk in the park.

Simple Distribution

Easy & perfect integration with your website, apps  and social media platforms.

User Registration

The directory builder requires users registration in other to have access to all the benefits of the coupon directory.

Search Functionality

The directory builder search functionality makes possible for registered users to search & locate their preferred offers or deals.

GPS Locations

The directory builder can be integrated with the various maps app which make it possible for customers to seamlessly  navigate their way to the business location making the coupon offer.


Various offers can be categorized within the directory to drastically improve or increase the users experience & interactions.

Steps In Setting Up A Coupon Directory

A. Coupon Campaigns Creation

Create digital coupon marketing campaigns to be published in the coupon directory.

B. Add Coupon Campaigns To Coupon Directory

Include all your digital coupon campaigns to your coupon directory.

C. set up coupon directory settings

Set up the coupon directory settings  to include all your digital coupon.

d. publish coupon directory

Publish your coupon directory across all the necessary online and offline communication outlets.

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