Memory Game Coupons

Integrated Templates

The Royal Couponz platform  provides a variety of  generic professional templates  which  a business  can easily  customize to their taste or brand elements of a business.

Predetermined winning odds

The Royal Couponz  platform  allows a business to pre-set  unlimited prizes, define the winning odds and personalize both winners and losers texts and images.

Grand Prize Limitations

The Royal Couponz platform allows a business to determine specific prize limits in advance. For example one prize is limited to one winner.

Built-in Validation Methods

Business can Choose from five various validation methods to mark coupons as used or redeemed coupons.

Multi-channel Distribution

Distribute your Digital Memory Game Coupon through your favorite digital marketing channel.

The Benefits of Digital Memory Game Coupon

Fun & Excitement Factor

The Royal Couponz platform allows businesses to add fun & excitement factor into their digital mobile marketing strategy. Customers love a little game and the entertainment it brings dopamine effect. It gives the customers a winner’s feeling & mentality which stimulates impulsive purchases.

Increased Brand Visibility

Businesses can add their logos, colors, images and other branding elements to their Digital Memory Game Coupon to make the coupons unique to those businesses brands thereby increasing or improving the brand image of those businesses.

Flexible retries & resets

A business can set up a number of retries and a reset timer so that customers or players can play the coupon again after a specific time period lapsed or passed.

Capture Data

By requesting  login via a social media channel or ask customers, user to fill out a form before users can participate or play the Digital Memory Game Coupon.

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