Digital Payment Voucher

Digital Payment Vouchers allow customers to make digital payments through Digital Vouchers.
It’s primarily used in take-away, delivery, pre-order or deposit situations.
It’s a simple and convenient way to make payments in advance and ask for vital personal data such as address, phone numbers names of your target audience.


Integrated Templates: Start from any of our professional templates and customize it to your taste.


Multi Channel Distribution: Distribute your Digital Payment Vouchers through your preferred communication channels.

Allow Payments: Royal Couponz supports payments through; Mollie, PayPal, Stripe or helps you implement a custom payment solution.


Notified by Email: Receive an email notification for every Payment Voucher purchase.


Built-In Validation Methods: Your customers can select from 5 different validation methods to validate the voucher while redeeming.

User-friendly platform: Creating Digital Payment Vouchers is fast and easy.


Capture Data: Ask for crucial personal data before users can continue.

Add Brand Visibility: Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital Payment Vouchers.

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