Loyalty Coupons

Loyalty coupons assist businesses in relationship building & improvement, reward customers for their loyalty to to businesses. Creating a loyal customer base is significantly cheaper than finding new customers. The possibility of reselling to a happy customer is 10 to 14 times higher than acquiring a new customer. Knowing this, investing in loyal and satisfied customers is inevitable for business growth & sustainability. Word of mouth is and will be the most persuasive marketing communication, loyal and happy customers contribute significantly to that. They will highly recommend your business to their friends and  social circles.

Using The Royal Couponz Platform For Loyalty Building

Types of Loyalty Cards

Reward Card

Stamp Card

Point Card

How to work with Royal Couponz

1. Create


Pick one of the many template coupons and fully customize it to your corporate style & branding.

2. Distribute


 Publish your digital coupon marketing campaigns with just a few clicks to your website, mobile app, social media channels, text messages or email.

3. Validate


Mark all redeemed or used digital coupons with the Royal easy but highly effective validation methods.    

4. Analyze


Carry out detailed  real-time analytics for digital coupon marketing campaigns and customers data to create better  digital coupon marketing campaigns.    

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