Easy Coupon Builder

The Royal Couponz platform is one of the leading solutions for the creation, distribution and validation of effective Digital Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

Getting Started With The Easy Coupon Builder

coupon creation, distribution, validation, adding claim methods and the generation of valuable insights. Royal Couponz platform manages has it all. Benefit from the versatility of the Royal Couponz Easy Coupon Builder and take your Mobile Marketing efforts to the next level of success.

Easy Coupon Building

Royal Couponz platform allows to create engaging digital couponz in mere minutes with our cloud-based platform.

Social Media Buttons

You can include all the various social media channels or platforms to the couponz created .

Coupon Sharing And Saving

The platform makes printing, saving & sharing of couponz created a breeze.

Redeem Location(s)

Royal Couponz platform allows add all redeem locations of the digital couponz including address, phone number, website.

POS Integration

Using the Royal Couponz platform you can import your barcodes and select your preferred barcode format to integrate in your POS.

Coupon Claim Methods

The target audience or users will need to either enter data, share on Facebook, watch a video, install an app or make a payment to unlock the Couponz.

Integrated Templates

The Royal Couponz platform is preloaded with many professionally designed templates that can be easily & completely customized.

Fully Customizable

Rebranding the created digital Couponz with your company's logo and your choosen look and feel.


Digital couponz created using the platform can be validated in five various ways such as physical stamps in a digital world, QR code validation, on mobile device, import custom validation or barcodes, validation widget/app.

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