QR Code Marketing

QR Codes are simple and convenient distribution tools for digital campaigns in traditional print media. QR Codes are very cost-effective, have various applications and easily connect offline digital marketing campaigns with the online aspect of the digital marketing campaigns . Customers of today are people can easily adopt the habit of scanning QR Codes as QR Codes have become a common part of the business to consumers marketing communication matrix.

Royal Couponz For QR Code Marketing

Promotional Software

A business can create, distribute & validate customized digital mobile marketing campaigns.

Insightful Analytics

Insight analytics to provide meaningful overview data of various digital mobile marketing coupon campaigns.


The Royal Couponz platform in-built QR Code creator makes generating of QR Codes for all your digital marketing campaign a breeze. 

Gamification Factor

Businesses can include gamification to their strategic marketing plan by implementing a digital gamified coupon campaign.


By ensuring a single use digital mobile marketing coupon campaign, prevent or coupon fraud & to ensure or protect authenticity of the money. 

The Various Types of Digital Marketing Campaign Coupons

Loyalty Cards

A business can start a digital loyalty program to encourage or stimulate customers or target audience to come back to that business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

A business can collate all its Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards into one simple digital catalog. Easy to add or delete digital mobile coupons and deals; the business can encourage target audience or customers to share such a catalog .


Businesses can accept payments through Digital Vouchers; the customers or target audience will receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.


Businesses can increase or generate more in-store visits, trigger conversions and boost your sales by offering dazzling and appealing discount coupons to your target audience & customers.

How To Set Up QR Code Using Royal Couponz

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