Digital Vouchers Builder

Discover the simplicity, ease and seamless  method of adding digital payment vouchers to boost all your marketing activities.

Digital Vouchers Builder create a convenient a way  for your business to receive payments through  Digital Vouchers. Its uniqueness is the ability to generate revenue quickly with the possibility of delivering goods at a later date. You can easily set up where and when the Voucher can be redeemed while gathering a lot of customer insights in the process.

Various Types of Digital Vouchers.

Digital Payment Voucher

Makes it possible for your customers to make a payment through your digital voucher. Upon successful  payment a discount coupon revealed. Read More 


Mobile Fundraising

Allows users to make  Charitable donations in order to unlock a digital discount Coupon. Read More 


Digital Gift Card

Makes it possible for your customers to make a payment in advance through your digital gift card voucher. They receive a digital voucher of the paid value in exchange. Read More 


Working With Royal Couponz

1. Create


Pick one out of our many vouchers templates and fully customize it to your corporate style & branding.

2. Distribute


 Publish your digital vouchers marketing campaigns with just a few clicks to your website, mobile app, social media channels, text messages or email.

3. Validate


Marking all redeemed or used digital vouchers with the Royal Couponz platform is easy to use but highly effective validation methods.    

4. Analyze


Carry out detailed  real-time analytics for digital voucher marketing campaigns and customers data to create a better digital voucher marketing campaign in the future.    

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