Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards allows your customers  to make digital payments through the Digital Gift Card. It’s mostly used to generate revenue in a short time and delivering goods later, or some rare cases never once the gift card expires. Of course, it’s also possible to buy Gift Cards and present it to your loved ones.


Integrated Templates: Start from any of our professional templates and customize it to your taste.


Multi Channel Distribution: Distribute your Digital Gift Card through your preferred communication channels.

Allow Payments: Royal Couponz supports payments through; Mollie, PayPal, Stripe or helps you implement a customized payment solution.


Notified by Email: Receive email notifications for every Digital Gift Card purchase.


Built-In Validation Methods: Your customers can select from 5 different validation methods to validate the Digital Gift Card while redeeming.

User-friendly platform: Creating Digital Gif Card is fast and easy.


Capture Data: Ask for relevant personal data before users can continue.

Add Brand Visibility: Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital  Gift Card.

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