Couponz Sharing & Saving

Various Ways To Save And Share Digital Couponz

Save To SMS

Created digital coupon marketing campaigns can be saved by your target audience or customers in the SMS inbox from where it can be send to others like friends & family members.

Save To Facebook

This feature allows users to save created digital coupon marketing campaigns to the saved links on their personal Facebook profiles or accounts.

Save To PDF

Digital couponz created using the platform can be save as a PDF file. Such a PDF file will consist of coupon imagery, method of claim validation, couponz URL and most likely terms & conditions. 

Share Coupon

Digital couponz created can be shared by your customers, target audience or users on Twitter, Viber, Skype, Google+ & Facebook.

Redirect Couponz

You can create redirect links or buttons to take your target audience, customers or users to a desired landing page(s), websites, online stores, affiliate offers, or any other place on web you want your users to go.

Save To Mobile Wallet

Users can save digital coupon marketing campaigns created on the Royal Couponz platform in their personal Mobile Wallets.

Save To Email

Digital couponz created can be saved email inbox, such email  message will consist of  the coupon images, method of claim validation, couponz URL and most likely terms & conditions. 

Print Coupon

 This particular feature will enable your customers or users who want to print hard or physical copies to do so.  Printed couponz can be used at the POS or checkout. 

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