Mobile Marketing Solutions For Tourism & Cities

Are you thinking of launching digital marketing coupon campaigns then the Royal Couponz platform is the exact tool you need, because of the numerous features that will assist you or your  business in achieving its customer engagement and interaction goal. Businesses can set up a special event campaign using some of the many awesome features of the Royal Couponz platform. 

What we do for Tourism & Cities


Trigger conversions by adding gamification to your current business  digital marketing coupon  strategy.


Offer your audience appealing Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Gift Cards to boost their interaction & engagement with your brand.

Example solutions Tourism & City

City Coupon Directory

Create various types  of coupon directories for different cities or the city you reside in consisting of local businesses in that particular city.

Universal Digital Vouchers

Create generic digital directories, coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards marketing campaigns redeemable in all participating locations or businesses.

Why Tourism & Cities love Coupontools

A Comprehensive Software Solution

The Royal Couponz platform provides many in-built features for the creation, validation & distribution of coupons. Ensuring the integrity & security  digital marketing coupon campaigns created & executed with just some few clicks is one of the hallmarks of the Royal Couponz

Generate More Destination Traffic & Revenue Boost

Stimulate  more location visits by offering visually appealing & engaging discount coupons to your target tourists audience or existing tourists. And the more destination traffic to cities by tourists the higher the revenue generated by such cities.

Gamification Element

Tourism businesses & cities love to utilize the gamification to enhance tourists physical interaction & experience during visits to various cities. By adding the unique touch of gamification cities, stores & shops give visiting tourists the winners mentality & feeling..

Full Personalization or Customization

The various digital mobile marketing coupon campaigns of tourism business can be fully personalized thereby ensuring that only the intended target audience gets the intended or correct message.

Target Audience Connection

By adding  location trigger based digital notifications & popups by tourism businesses and  local city being visited  can send vital information or reach out & interact with it target audience.

Seamless Visitors Data Capturing

The data capture is the most common claim requirement. This makes it possible for Tourism   businesses & Local City Counties to quickly & easily extract vital tourists data  prior to coupon usage.

Digital Coupons Campaign Types

Loyalty Cards

A business can start a digital loyalty program to encourage or stimulate customers or target audience to come back to that business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

A business can collate all its Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards into one simple digital catalog. Easy to add or delete digital mobile coupons and deals; the business can encourage target audience or customers to share such a catalog .


Businesses can accept payments through Digital Vouchers; the customers or target audience will receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.


Businesses can increase or generate more in-store visits, trigger conversions and boost your sales by offering dazzling and appealing discount coupons to your target audience & customers.

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