SMS Marketing Software

You can use the Royal Couponz proprietary  inhouse SMS Software to quick or easily execute offline digital marketing campaigns without any third party interference.

Features of Our Advanced Text Messaging Software

Unlimited Audiences

Easily import contacts and set up unlimited audiences to send your SMS marketing campaigns to.

Analytics & Reporting

Ability to gather real-time data and customer insights with  precise report delivery.


You can set up and allow autoresponders on your SMS marketing messages. This way, the recipients can respond via predefined keywords.


You can use our international messaging tool, to easily send your text messages across the globe.

Birthday Reminders

The ability to set up birthday reminders and schedule birthday messages with a digital coupon(s) embedded.

Bulk SMS Messaging

You can send out single use coupons in bulk. For every SMS marketing message sent out, there’s a unique coupon URL generated.

Automated & Scheduled  Drip Marketing Campaign Messages

Drip SMS marketing campaigns can be set up to automate SMS messages that will be sent out after a predetermined timeframe or line of action.


Set up fixed field names can be changed for personalized elements.

1. Create

Create digital marketing coupon campaigns with the Royal Couponz platform.

2. Connect

Connect your SMS automation Software or create an account on our  SMS Software platform.

3. Distribute

Select your intended target  audience, add your  created coupon and launch your SMS marketing campaign message.

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