SMS Marketing Software

Use the Royal Couponz inbuilt SMS Software to easily send out digital campaigns without any third party interference.

Text messaging software for distribution

Merge Fields (Personalization): You can set up fixed field names can be replaced by personal elements.

Bulk Messages: You can send out single use coupons in bulk. For every message sent out through our SMS messaging software, there’s a unique coupon URL created.

Autoresponders: You can set up and allow autoresponders on messages. This way, the target audience, recipient, customer, can answer through predetermined keywords.

Scheduled And Automated Messages: It is easy to set up automated messages which are sent out after a predefined action.

International: Using our international messaging tool, a business can easily send its text messages all over the globe or the world.

Analytics & Reporting: Businesses can gather data, useful customer insights and accurate delivery reporting using our text messaging software.

Birthday Reminders: A business can set up birthday reminders and schedule birthday messages with digital coupons included.

Unlimited Audiences: Contact data can be easily imported and you can set up unlimited audiences to send your digital coupon campaigns to.

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