Phygital Marketing

To complement the physical experience at the physical location, many businesses use digital experiences to get customers create excited about their business. Wifi marketing, Mobile Marketing Kiosks & NFC are some of the cost-effectiveuser-friendly, and tempting ways to get customers to engage and interact with your business. 

Royal Couponz For Phygital Marketing

Promotional Software

A business can create, distribute & validate customized digital mobile marketing campaigns.

Insightful Analytics

Insight analytics to provide meaningful overview data of various digital mobile marketing coupon campaigns.

Gamification Factor

Businesses can include gamification to their strategic marketing plan by implementing a digital gamified coupon campaign.


A business can attach digital marketing campaigns to your business’s NFC stickers.


By ensuring a single use digital mobile marketing coupon campaign, prevent or coupon fraud & to ensure or protect authenticity of the money. 

Kiosk Software

A business can utilize the in-house software to set up a mobile marketing Kiosk to increase customer engagement & interaction, thereby ultimately boosting sales.

Samples of Phygital Marketing


This can used to conveniently to redirect customers to a specific web page or landing page. A Digital Coupon or Voucher for example. Commonly used at physical locations but also in traditional print marketing communication.


Businesses can set up a Mobile Marketing Kiosk at locations of business or store to allow customers or visitors to send your digital deals to themselves.


A business can include a Coupon URL to your WIFI network’s router. If customers, target audience, visitors connect, then first redirected to the Digital Coupon.

Loyalty Cards

A business can start a digital loyalty program to encourage or stimulate customers or target audience to come back to that business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

A business can collate all its Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards into one simple digital catalog. Easy to add or delete digital mobile coupons and deals; the business can encourage target audience or customers to share such a catalog .


Businesses can accept payments through Digital Vouchers; the customers or target audience will receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.


Businesses can increase or generate more in-store visits, trigger conversions and boost your sales by offering dazzling and appealing discount coupons to your target audience & customers.

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