Custom Claim Method

Royal Couponz will allow you to create custom ways for your target audience to claim your coupons such as redirecting your coupon claim page to a specific landing page & you can also create a custom solution. 

Install An App

Here your customers are required to install a particular app on their devices to unlock the discount. This is unique approach to getting more people to install your app on the devices.

Watch A Video

Your customers are required to watch a video to unlock the discount.

Share on Facebook

Encourage & motivate your customers to share your coupons on social media platforms to unlock the coupon discount. This process help spread the word faster about your digital marketing coupon campaign.

Data Capture

Your customers are required to input their personal data to unlock your offer. You determine which personal data you need. The data collected is stored & ready to utilized for analytics & retargeting purposes.

Fulfull Payment

Your customers are required to fulfill a payment to unlock the digital coupon or voucher..

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