Mobile Marketing Shop/Kiosk

Royal Couponz platform allows use to set up a mobile shop and begin to interacting with your customers or target audience.

With Royal Couponz platform you can create mobile shop. Mobile Shop is an in-store customer interaction tool that is usually used to capture visitors customers or visitors information. Using Royal Couponz,  store customers and visitor can easily send themselves the latest discount or your loyalty card; while you can extract relevant customers data in backend as results of customer interactions & engagement.  


Send out offers such as coupon discounts and rewards to encourage repeat purchases or sales, will the sole aim of bringing customers back. 

Cloud Based

No software to download or install.. 

Mobile Shop or kiosk

New and effective way to build an opt-in database.


Have access to meaningful insights, monitor & analyze  your customers opt-in or conversion through our sample to use cloud based backend dashboard


You can fully customize the platform with your brand elements like your logo and colors. Very simple customer sign up.


Use your own Ipad or android pad.

Types of Mobile Shop

Select the preferred opt-in method that suits your business needs.

Text/SMS Opt-In Message

Users enter their mobile phone number to opt-in  either by sending phrase or number to predetermined phone number to get a Digital Coupon or a Digital Loyalty Card.

Email Opt-In Method

The target audience or users enter their email addresses to opt-in only,  and also to send themselves a Digital Coupon or a Digital Loyalty Card.

Setting Up A Mobile Shop



Create your digital coupon campaigns using the Royal Couponz state-of-the- art platform.

Mobile Marketing Shop / kiosk


Create your mobile shop or kiosk using in-built software inside Royal Couponz platform.


Set up your kiosk and let customers send your digital campaigns to themselves via SMS or Email opt-in method.

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