Customer Care

Companies can turn a negative customer experience or interaction into a positive one. Digital Customer Care Vouchers help you solve customer complaints or bad interaction.

The 5 Steps of Customer Care Vouchers Process

1. Create Vouchers

The Royal Couponz platform  allows any person or business  to create Digital Vouchers using the  platform Voucher Builder. Customize the Voucher to your branding and define the value.

2. Connect

A business can connect its existing CRM and POS with the Royal Couponz platform to make coupon automation possible.

3. Send Out

When  connected properly, a will complainer automatically receives a Voucher based on the people’s complaint.

4. Voucher Validation

The customer shows the voucher before the checkout. A cashier will validate the voucher using the business current POS system.

5. Happy Customer

The customer has redeemed the coupon voucher and he or she enjoying the gift.

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