Digital Loyalty Card Builder

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Real-time analytics of all your customers activities via the user-friendly, easy-to-use cloud based backend dashboard.

  • Secured Validation Methods

    Our digital coupon validation methods are highly secured to ensure or total eliminate coupon fraud.

  • Mobile Wallet

    Our digital loyalty cards are your pathway into your target audience or customers mobile wallet & mobile devices

  • Sale Increase

    Loyalty and Reward cards are tried & tested methods of increasing repeat sales & getting new customers to try a product or service.

Various Types Loyalty Cards

Point Cards


Customers earn points on each for each transaction carried out be it a purchase of a  service, product or any other preapproved action performed by the customers.

Reward Cards


 Here customers are in control  if they unlock rewards immediately or keep  saving up points to unlock bigger rewards however if  customers decide to unlock their rewards points will be reduced. 

Stamp Cards

Stamps are issued for each transaction successfully completed based on purchase, visit or any other preapproved action by customers.

How to work with Royal Couponz

1. Create


Pick one of the many template coupons and fully customize it to your corporate style & branding.

2. Distribute


 Publish your digital coupon marketing campaigns with just a few clicks to your website, mobile app, social media channels, text messages or email.

3. Validate


Mark all redeemed or used digital coupons with the Royal easy but highly effective validation methods.    

4. Analyze


Carry out detailed  real-time analytics for digital coupon marketing campaigns and customers data to create better  digital coupon marketing campaigns.    

Real-Time Useful Customer Data

Royal Couponz platform provides you with a backend dashboard where you will directly have total access to all your created digital loyalty cards data, that very easy to understand.   


You will have complete access to all your customer database such as extracted contact details of all your loyal customers or target audience. You will have total control of all your customers data and  you will be able to grant access to other people like employees or administrators to assist you in managing the platform for proper efficiency & effectiveness; this way you don’t have to do everything by yourself alone useless you wont to.


The Royal Couponz platform provides you a cloud-based dashboard check all your digital loyalty cards stats.  You can analyze your digital loyalty cards usages, activities over various devices, locations and monetary spent. Actionable insights provided by the Royal Couponz platform data section can assist you in decision making, digital coupon marketing campaign action planning & much more. 

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